How to Choose a Moving Company That You Can Trust

AUTHOR: Jamie Livengood

You’re moving your house and you’ve decided that the do-it-yourself days of begging empty boxes from the local liquor store, frantically packing until 3 a.m. on the eve of your 6 a.m. move and navigating a 20-foot moving truck through unfamiliar streets are behind you. You crave the convenience of a full-service moving company. But how do you find one you can trust to sort and pack your private and prized possessions and move them to your new home in one piece?

The team at All The Right Movers, a New Jersey-based, “high-touch” concierge packing and moving firm, started the company after a group of friends and former colleagues sat around talking about how every move they had ever experienced had been awful. One of them even had an irreplaceable box of her daughter’s baby keepsakes and other valuables go missing during a move. She – and everyone else at the company – understands the prospect of lost, damaged or stolen belongings is a top concern when hiring movers to help with relocation.

Superior Background Checks

To find and hire a trustworthy moving company, the usual advice is to seek referrals from family, friends, and realtors, and look for online reviews and Better Business Bureau ratings. Then, confirm that the company you are looking at is licensed, bonded and insured. These steps will help narrow your search for a reputable company, but the next step is to inquire about the company’s hiring practices to make sure its staff is made up of professionals you’re comfortable inviting into your home.

“The number one quality our clients look for is reliability,” said Erica Giorgiantonio, vice president of All The Right Movers. “To us, that means employing a fully vetted, experienced and attentive full-time staff of movers instead of a rotating roster of contract laborers.”

All The Right Movers’ vetting process includes an application, interviews, a background check and drug testing both before hiring and randomly throughout employment. The company also administers a pre-employment evaluation to gain insight into prospective workers’ aptitude, skills, and personality. Once hired, they undergo training on safety and the company’s service practices.

This hiring process is not the industry standard. Instead, it’s common for companies to employ a moving manager to interact with clients but hire movers on a per-job basis. It can lead to movers with less experience and training working in your home, sometimes without even proper background checks.

Having a steady staff means that All The Right Mover’s clients can meet the company’s employees before moving day to ask questions, make special requests or just get more comfortable with those who will be responsible for their job.

“All The Right Movers invests in finding, training and keeping great staff members,” said Giorgiantonio. “Building a good relationship with our employees and getting to know them means that we can feel confident guaranteeing their work to our clients.”

The firm’s 25-person staff has grown largely by positive referrals, its movers recommending friends and family members to apply for open positions.

“It’s a good company to work for,” said mover Colin Hyland. “As an employee, it’s clear that safety and professionalism are the top priorities on the job.”

Being Part of the Team Inspires Teamwork

By working together consistently, the full-time staff of All The Right Movers is able to come together as a team to help jobs go more smoothly.

“Our employees have strong bonds with coworkers and with the company, and there are so many benefits that go along with that,” said Giorgiantonio. “Our movers feel more personally accountable for their work, and because they feel good about their jobs, we have less turnover.”

A long-term staff that experiences little turnover means that All The Right Movers’ employees have a trustworthy work record with the company and experience in professional, courteous service.

“Our people know how to carry out a successful move,” said Luke Monte, All The Right Movers’ project manager. “They’re trained to get the job done quickly, but carefully. And more importantly, after a move, we debrief to figure out how we can become even more efficient.”

Monte has been with the All The Right Movers since its founding and has been in the moving service industry for three years. In his experience, bad outcomes during moves are most often the result of poor planning and communication.

In his position with All The Right Movers, Monte first meets clients during an initial estimate, where he performs a walkthrough inventory of what needs to be moved, advises on the number of movers and trucks the job requires and notes any special requests or concerns from clients. On the day of the move, Monte supervises staff and serves as the main contact for the homeowners.

All The Right Movers goes the extra mile in vetting and training their staff because attention to detail makes the difference between a good and bad customer experience, especially at such a busy, stressful time in their clients’ lives.

“We know that throughout the process it’s the little things that help homeowners feel comfortable,” said Monte. “Things like being on time, showing up with a clean, neat appearance and remembering a homeowner’s requests before they need to remind us to make them trust us that much more when they put their belongings in our hands.”