Make Your Move Easier with These Tips

AUTHOR: Austin Roberts

Five Interesting Tips for A Less Stressful Moving Experience

Prepare for your move with these five tips to reduce stress, save time and avoid unwelcome surprises.

Whether you’re a seasoned nomad or preparing for your first major move, All the Right Movers has a batch of helpful (and non-obvious) tips to save time and make your relocation go as smoothly as possible.

Ready, Willing, and Label: Everyone knows to label each box of packed household goods with the destination room. And many moving companies will scrawl OFFICE or MASTER BDRM in big letters across the cardboard, whether or not you ask them to.  But it pays to take a quick inventory of the actual contents of the box and write that on the side, too.  A personal example: When my wife and I moved into our current home, we spent a few days camping amongst piles of cardboard boxes while we gradually unpacked. One day, my four-month-pregnant wife could not find spoons or bowls among the many, many KITCHEN boxes in our house. I came home to find her eating cereal out of a red Solo cup using a plastic fork from last night’s takeout.  As a result, neither of us were happy. Lesson learned!

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: So you’ve already scoped out your new community on your web mapping service of choice, getting a bird’s-eye view of where you’ll go for groceries, hardware, books, coffee – but what about finding a new hair stylist or barber?  No one could ever replace Joanne back home, of course, but you’ll have to find someone – and you don’t want the trial and error approach to land you with a substandard ‘do for your first day at your new job/school/college/artists’ colony.  First act of embarrassment avoidance: Make time to see Joanne for one last session right before you move.  (Bring a nice card; she was great to you.)  That’ll give you a few weeks to sort things out while you’re still getting settled in your new town.  Ask her to write down the brand, color, etc. that she uses for you, so your next stylist will know exactly what works for you.  After you move, be on the lookout for new neighbors, co-workers, or maybe even strangers with hairstyles you like. – A “by the way, who does your hair?” will help you find a new stylist AND help you make friends. Even if their stylist is booked solid, they can probably set you up with a referral or recommendation.

The Long Goodbye: Besides Joanne, you’ve got a long list of goodbyes you’ll need to say to the various companies and organizations that are nice enough to send you bills every month.  Maybe you’ve written this down and made a literal checklist – with your cable/Internet, utilities, etc. – and if you haven’t, you definitely should.  But there are others to inform, and we should think outside the box here.  Your car insurance company will want to know (and maybe lower your premiums!) when you move to a new address.  Don’t forget magazine subscriptions!  Are you a member of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group?  Many CSAs will refund your subscription for the shares you won’t receive after you move away – provided you give them sufficient advance notice, says High Ground Organics. If you move during colder months, remember to cancel your seasonal lawn service.

Also, be sure to update your personal information at your bank, company (former or current) 401K plan, Thrift Saving Plan (TSP), and other financial service providers.   Besides just updating their records, your own bank or brokerage firm will be able to offer personalized advice to help you review your financial goals at this time – for instance, taxes on your investments can vary by state.

Mail Pattern Boldness: On a warmer note, your long-distance friends and family will be excited to hear that you’re moving to a new address, and they’ll want to update their records accordingly.  Of course, you’re going to formally change your address with the post office, (which can be done online now!) but you’ll make life easier for everyone by sending out new-address announcements to your loved ones.  Online services like Shutterfly, Vistaprint, Zazzle, and others make it easy to put together a warm, creative, and personal message.  If that sounds like a lot of time commitment in your already-busy schedule, e-cards can do the trick also!

The Bare Necessities: The very last few things you pack up should make up your necessities kit – enough for you to live at the new house for a couple days while all of your other belongings are still in boxes, without having to make last-minute emergency runs to the store.  If you’re moving a family, it might make sense for each individual to have their own kit, with a change of clothes, toiletries, medicines, phone chargers, and anything else you’ll absolutely need to get you through the first days of living in your new home.  Some items that you should consider for the all-family necessities kit: one set of dinnerware for each person, pet food, first-aid supplies, and a knife/scissors to start opening the rest of your boxes.  Don’t forget toilet paper and a shower curtain!

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to making your big move without any undue stress or unwelcome surprises.  And remember: All the Right Movers is with you every step of the way!