Planning a Summer Move? A Few Things to Keep in Mind

AUTHOR: Alex McGlue

Ease the work of a summer move with these handy tips

Learn the different factors to consider when preparing for a summer move, like how early to book a moving company and how to pack effectively.

Summer is widely considered the busiest residential moving season of the year, with June being especially busy, according to Zillow. This probably makes sense to many of us – kids are out of school, so parents don’t have to worry about moving them in the middle of the school year, and the weather tends to be less messy – no fallen leaves to track in, no snow to slog through and no ice to slip on. However, there are plenty of other seasonal factors to consider that can make your move smoother.

Book Reputable Movers Early
Schools are out, business slows down… There’s no way around it – summer is a great time to move. As a consequence, moving companies will begin to book up months and advance. Be sure to call your local movers as soon as you can to get a convenient date. I can’t stress this point enough: As soon as you know you are moving, call a reputable moving company and book a date. You will get the most flexibility and best prices with an early booking.

Pack in Stages to Make the Most of the Summertime
It can be an overwhelming thought: How am I going to pack everything up? Everywhere you look, you see just tons and tons of stuff. And worse, a summer move means trading in a day by the pool for an afternoon debating whether you should pack a toaster older than your first born. Depending on how much time you have, set small goals that will add up to big gains over time. Two rooms a weekend is a large enough chunk to feel meaningful, while small enough to leave you some time laying out in the sun and cooking out with friends.

Register Kids for Camps and Sports Early
While summer is still the best time to move if you have school-age children, it can also leave your kids without a social net. It is convenient that school is out, but that also means there is nothing going on to help your child make friends. There’s likely a number of camps or activities in your next community for your children, depending on age and hobbies. For younger kids, look around the community to find a day care where they can make friends. For older kids, organized sports and camps are fantastic ways to meet kids their own age with similar interests. Regardless of the activities, be sure to check registration dates. By the time you move, the deadlines could have long passed.

No parent wants their freaking kid annoying them all summer kid stuck in the house all summer. Planning ahead and signing them up for summer activities in their new community is a win-win situation.

Toddlers and Pets Are People, Too
On move-in day, your head is going to be in many places at once. If you have a toddler or pet, you won’t have the time to handle the spills and drills that come with the job. Bribe kindly beg Ask a close family member or friend to babysit the little one for the day. It will make your life – and the move-in – easier. If you don’t have that option, consider hiring a babysitter or using a day care. If this doesn’t sound possible, you aren’t out of luck yet. When you are beginning to move-in, designate a room as the play room. If possible, fence it off to prevent the little explorers from, well, exploring. This room should be one you’ll pass by frequently so you can keep an eye on them, but also not one that the movers will have to walk through directly.

Lessen Effects of Heat with Cold Treats
While the summer’s warmer weather and long days make it a great time to move, the heat can become unbearable after hours of walking in and out of your new home. Throw in the inevitable stress move-in day will bring, and things are bound to get uncomfortable quickly.

Stave off heat exhaustion and plain ol’ frustration with coolers of ice cold water and fruit for you and the movers. (Trust us, they’ll love you for it!) And, when the ice from your cooler melts, throw some towels into the freezing water so you can wash your face, wrap one around your neck or put one on your head to cool yourself down.

Help the Planet by Watching the A/C
It’s hot, and you’ve been schlepping in box after box all day. Every part of you will want to start blasting the A/C and cool off. But, you should resist the urge until all of your boxes are inside. If the front door is constantly opening, you’ll be letting all that cool air – and your money – right out of the door. While you wait for everything to be moved in, ease your suffering with as many fans as you can get your hands on. And as soon as the last box makes its way inside, close (And lock) the doors and begin cooling off.